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Consultations are always by appointment to minimise waiting times (except at The Cabin, our Surgery in Yealmpton, which opens Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.30-11am).


Your Pet has today had a procedure involving the placement of a cast or bandage. The success of Your Pet’s treatment will depend on the good care of the dressing and it is important you follow these guidelines.

• Keep the dressing dry and free from dirt at all times

• Use a plastic bag or other waterproof wrapping when walking Your Pet.

• Inspect the dressing regularly and advise us immediately if Your Pet appears uncomfortable or you notice the dressing has slipped from its original position.

• Discourage Your Pet from licking and chewing at the dressing, a collar can be arranged if needed.

• Check the dressing for foul smells or excess staining from discharge and contact us immediately if you have any concerns.

• Often animals with a bandage or cast are often recommended to have strict cage rest or restricted movement, please follow the advice you are given about exercise.

• If you have been given additional medication or pain relief follow the dispensing instructions carefully and make sure you complete the course.


• Please bring Your Pet back to the surgery for his 3 day check up. Check ups are included in the original procedure price. However re-bandaging or additional medication will incur a charge. Tel 01752 700600 or 01752 690999

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