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Consultations are always by appointment to minimise waiting times (except at The Cabin, our Surgery in Yealmpton, which opens Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.30-11am).


Your Pet has today had a general anaesthetic, it is vitally important Your Pet starts eating without delay after the procedure. Failure to eat could result in a potentially fatal condition called Gastric Stasis & Ileus that results when the gut is not kept full and moving by continuous grazing. It is important you follow these guidelines to ensure Your Pet has a speedy recovery.

• Allow Your Pet to rest in a warm, quiet place tonight.

• Your Pet would have been given pain relief during the procedure that will last for 24 hours and further oral pain relief may be supplied as it is important to keep Your Pet pain free. If you feel Your Pet shows discomfort after this time please contact the surgery.

• Monitor Your Pet closely and insure droppings are being passed and food is being eaten.

• Offer Your Pet’s favorite foods and good quality roughage by means of hay, superforage or plenty of grass as it is the fibre that helps maintain gut movement.

• If dental work has been carried out, grating or finely chopping Your Pet’s vegetables will help Your Pet manage the food for the next few days.

• If you have been given a convalescent diet, extra pain relief or antibiotics for Your Pet please ensure you follow the directions and always finish the course.

• In certain circumstances it may be necessary to syringe feed. Please contact the surgery for advice before undertaking this.


• Please bring Your Pet back to the surgery in 3 days time for a check up

• If Your Pet does not pass droppings in the first 24 hours do not wait for your appointment please ring the surgery immediately.

• Your Pet may have stitches that will need removing in 10 days. Check ups at the surgery are included in the operation cost. However, additional medication will incur a charge.

REMEMBER if no food is eaten and no droppings passed in 24 hrs contact the surgery immediately. Tel 01752 700600 or 01752 690999

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