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dental hygiene at woodlands vets

Our Practice Nurses are able to offer excellent advice about dental care for cats, dogs and rabbits. Dental Disease is seriously underestimated in pet health care.  We are so concerned with the silent suffering that occurs with dental pain that we offer free patient check ups with our nurses all year round. We are all taught from an early age that if you do not brush your teeth they will rot and fall out....... well the same applies to our animals!

 Dental disease is one of the most common problems in animals and causes pain, distress, poor appetite, weight loss and can even effect organs such as the kidneys and heart... not to mention the smelly breath!
Many of you will be pleased to know that brushing teeth is not the only way in which to prevent dental disease. Some of our less willing patients benefit just as much from special chews, biscuits and treats!

For rabbits, dental disease is a simple matter of life and death. Getting their diet right is essential and can prevent serious ongoing health issues for our bunny friends.
Find out more with our registered nurses and book an appointment with their free dental check up service!

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