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Consultations are always by appointment to minimise waiting times (except at The Cabin, our Surgery in Yealmpton, which opens Tuesday and Thursday mornings 10.30-11am).

If your pet is scheduled to have an anaesthetic or sedation please read and follow the following directions. 

While no procedure or anaesthetic can ever be guaranteed safe, by following these instructions you help us to make your pets visit as smooth and safe as possible. 

1. If your pet has been unwell or their condition has deteriorated before admission please let us know.

2. Please do not give your dog or cat food after 9pm the night before admission. This includes treats.

3. Please leave water available for your pet at all times unless you have been specifically advised not to. This applies especially to pets over 8 years.

4. Please take your dog for a walk on the morning of admission to empty their bladder and bowel. This helps prevent any “accidents” while they are under general anaesthetic.

5. Please ensure your dogs are clean – if you regularly bathe your dog please do so in the days prior to surgery. A dog that comes in coated in mud will be much longer under anaesthetic while we meticulously clean the surgical site.

6. Cats should be kept indoors with a litter tray the night before admission so that you can be sure they have not been out hunting overnight (and to ensure they are actually around when the cat basket comes out in the morning!)

7. Your pet will be admitted at a set appointment time with a qualified nurse who will be able to discuss any questions about the anaesthetic or procedure as well as give your pet a thorough check up. Please allow at least 15 minutes for this appointment and the paperwork. Please ask for an estimate of costs if one has not already been given to you at booking.

8. Pre anaesthetic bloods will be discussed at the time of admission. In the ideal world we would run routine blood tests on every anaesthetic patient to check their liver, kidney function and for any underlying unknown problems. This is especially prudent in patients over 8 years of age.

9. We will take contact numbers for you and call or text you when your pet has woken from its anaesthetic to give you an update and confirm a time for discharge. 

10. You will be booked a specific discharge appointment to go through the procedure and the aftercare that will be needed. Written care instructions will also be given to you at this appointment.

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